Glass Entrances


Glass Entrance Doors

There’s nothing quite like sunlight streaming into your company’s waiting room, entryway, or hallway areas on a warm day. It can be both energizing and uplifting, as well as a reminder of the beauty that lies just outside — and a full-glass entry door gives you the opportunity to enjoy all of this.

With this style of entry door, sunlight and a gorgeous view can stream into your business without the possibility of wind or insects entering. In addition, glass doors give you many benefits of an open-air entrance without deterrents.

If you decide a full-glass entry way is the perfect fit for your business, you’ll find you have a number of styles and sizes from which to choose. From more contemporary doors that feature full glass panels with modern hardware and framing to traditional glass-front doors with divided panes and wooden framework, the options are endless.



Glass Partitions

Divide, open and beautify your space. Transform your space in mere seconds. Our contemporary room dividers allow you to partition space without sacrificing natural light or interior aesthetics.

Featuring sturdy builds, safe design, and elegant, customizable options, modern sliding room dividers open up endless possibilities. Add a decorative touch to your home’s rooms with a custom glass partition. Separate any rooms with a space saving, stackable room divider. Section off loft rooms with an attractive room divider screen.

By adding glass partitions, you will be opening up and dividing space, allowing light flow from room to room, never dislodging from the tracks, easy gliding, and saves on energy!



Glass Office Dividers

Glass office dividers are an easy way to transform your workspace into an upscale environment. Our glass walls span a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes. Glass office dividers can be as safe as they are aesthetically pleasing.

You will be able to maximize your interior space with minimal cost with our glass office partitions made of the highest quality glass. Improve the productivity and atmosphere with a variety of designs, glass types, and frame finishes.

The main benefit to installing glass walls and partitions is the fact that they allow visibility throughout the office, while still maintaining privacy. If the glass runs from the floor to the ceiling, then privacy can be obtained by closing the door. But visibility is still available through the glass, whether the office door is opened or closed.


Switchable Glass

Switchable Glass creates multi-functional spaces that adapt and respond to the needs of users at the flick of a switch. It can be easily used in partition screens, windows, doors, and security screens to offer the room a modern look.

In addition, switchable glass provides simple and reversible states of transparency with little alteration of light, making it an ideal solution for office interiors where lighting is fundamental. It offers a high-quality solution that can fully eliminate the need for curtains and quickly upgrade the visual appeal of the premises.

Switchable glass not only works great for residential and commercial purposes, doctors use them, too! It allows for doctor-to-patient privacy and family/visitor discretion when required during certain medical procedures. Also, it complies with all the federal HIPAA standards


Glass Imprint

There are three types of in-glass printing. Traditional screen printing using ceramic ink, digital printing using UV ink, and digital printing using ceramic ink. The imprinted images do not falter, change colors, or fade. They last for decades upon decades! Also, we can create for our customers any type of image they offer us! Whether it be graphics, initials, designs to match décor or wallpaper, graffiti, or anything else – we got you!

Glass imprints can also be used on almost any glass surface. Facades, canopies, balustrades, windows, backsplash, doors, showers, office dividers, and more! In addition, the glass imprints may be cleaned like any other piece of glass – while also surviving any weather conditions.

The differences between digital ceramic printing and traditional printing vary. Traditional printing is only limited up to three colors, high ink wastage rates, and low printing accuracy. However, digital printing doesn’t have to deal with any of those things.



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